Welcome to the U!

As of Jan. 14, you’ll see a new, more dynamic branding message from Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), as Accreditation University is now known as ACHCU.

With exciting growth on the horizon, we saw the need to meet the increasing demand for our services with a refreshed design and enhanced energy. And closely aligning our educational division with ACHC delivers an unmistakable element of brand continuity to ACHCU. We think this new look is a great way to show how we’ve evolved while remaining loyal to our values!

Greg Stowell, ACHCU’s Senior Manager of Education & Consulting, cheered the added cohesion that the rebranding delivers.

“We are excited to align our image and brand essence to the support we provide our customers,” Stowell said. “It was important for ACHCU to continue into the International marketplace aligned in parallel with ACHC as much as possible.”

New year, new us, new U!

Essentially, adding the “U” identifies how unique each piece of our business is, while showcasing how we remain focused on our providers’ success. Our decision was fueled by a desire to build our brand so that it resonates across all of our business avenues with every customer, consultant, provider, and vendor, while highlighting all of the educational tools we offer.

ACHCU will assist providers in elevating healthcare practices around the world. Now more than ever, providing education to empower providers is our ultimate goal.

“We are excited for this new chapter with our brand,” Stowell said, “and look forward to providing our customers the education that will enable them to improve their avenues of healthcare.”

ACHCU will continue to provide its signature educational offerings—workshops, accreditation preparation tools, the ACHC Accreditation Guide to Success workbook for all ACHC programs, webinars, certifications, ACHC Standards Gap Analysis and customized educational preparation. Be on the lookout for new educational resources that we will be adding later this year!

To see what we’ve done, visit ACHCU.com. To learn more about our educational services, contact customerservice@achcu.com or (855) 937-2242.

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